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Our oyster farming estate in Paimpol and Marennes Oleron

Huitres Rossignol Frères  - Arvert -La qualitéOur oyster farming estate is located on 2 different sites, representing 6 hectares of open sea oyster beds. 2 hectares in Paimpol (Brittany) and 4 hectares in Marennes-Oleron. Read all about the secrets of the quality of our oysters.

An oyster farming estate running on 2 sites

Oysters are born in Marennes Oleron, then when they are 1 year old they are taken to Brittany where young oysters will grow more easily thanks to a more favourable environment. At the age of 2 they comme back to Marennes Oleron, a few kilometres out in the sea, so that the shell can harden and take a cupped shape. There they remain for 1 year, until the time commes for refining in Claires (saet marshes) for up to 6 months.

The secret of quality

To ensure a real quality we deliberately choose to produce a small amount of oysters which are mainly sold on local market places. We also count among our regular customers a few retailers or strictly selected professionals. We can ensure delivery in the Poitou-Charentes region. Our work has been rewarded by a "saveurs d'or" award at the Poitou-Charentes Taste Contest for the Speciales de Claires. However, the best acknowledgement lies in our customers' farthfulners : they are kind enough to tell us how much they enjoyed our oysters... which is about all we can ask for.

The sanitory quality

It is the sector very important for us, as well for the quality of the water that for that of the product, that is why every month, a taking of oysters is made by a labra tory approve (LASAT) to be analyzed. Besides, we checx systematically quite weesx by means at an independant laboratoty, water of the pand of purification at the level of the salinity, of the temperature and of bacteria and finally, we are twice cantrolled one a year by the sanitary services concerning the cleanliness of buildings and vehicules, as well as on the follow-up and the respect for the specifications of refining and for purification.

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